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The world needs
your soul work.

Embodied Energetics to come alive
in who you are & enrich us all.

Five Rhythms

soul leadership - light up the living planet with your legacy

At Soul Leader, we'll help you:

1) Unearth your purpose & create your body of soul work

2) Learn Embodied Energetics & Soul Arts to ignite the potential of others

3) Map the key to who you are & your thriving creativity of legacy & impact

Learn Energetics, Soul Arts & Embodied Alchemy:




map the key to you


embodied alchemy (self-study)



The energetics of

Enriching community & impacting the field

Begins Feb 2023

Part 1: Earth calls you into legacy
Part 2: Soul work brings you alive
Part 3: Leading-edge energetics & soul arts for the future
Part 4: Be who you are: impact the field with your gifts
Part 5: Voice & embodied wealth for feminised leaders


Soul Leader


Melissa Sandon, founder of Soul Leader explores how to actualise your potential and purpose on the living planet. We’ll explore the richness of your desire, the audacity of your vision and how to inhabit your soul work in an act of thriving possibility. Learn about energetics, soul work, restoration, earth stewardship, soul business & the feminine economy. 

Tapping leaders into their co-created earth destiny

At Soul Leader, we believe our dreams become fully enriched when we choose a much greater purpose for our creative endeavours. Chasing success to gain significance feels empty, brittle. Decommissioning yourself from performance, achievement or proving ourselves is essential if you want to create a legacy that makes an impact.

When we create the space to deeply listen to the desires swirling in our cells, we hear the calling of dream that is entwined with the world’s longing. 

The Earth called you here to bring your creative light. 

Soul work is what happens when you hand your whole body over to being the vessel for the soul truth pouring through you. Legacy is the outcome when you share that freely & ecstatically – humbled & surrendered to a calling much bigger than your mind can figure out. 

We invite our leaders to vision the uncertain, nuanced, fierce, deep & extraordinary dreams. We weave the energetics of tapping your heart into humanity and becoming an embodied transmission of the future we’re all dreaming of. 

It is then we are introduced to the currency of true energetic wealth. Where we come alive in who we are and experience the harmony and coherence of being fully expressed in a living system that has unbound creative energy for us all to shine. 


Embodied energetics to ignite the potential of others & enrich the world.

Hi! At the Soul Medicine Academy we teach energetic science, embodied alchemy & soul arts so you can light up the world with your gifts. We show you how to take your sacred passion & shape it into an exciting & impactful legacy.  

Whether you’re a coach, healer, leader or change-maker, learning the language of soul will elevate your work to the leading-edge of transformation.

Our fervent belief is that the planet & her people are in need of a collective awakening to bring about a just & enriched world. For that, we need you & your soul work, in your wildest passion & big vision for the future. 

I’m so thrilled to co-create magic with you. 

Melissa Sandon (founder)

p.s I’m holding a special free experience to help you connect with your soul work and the rich legacy your gifts can make. Will you join me?


Our planet and its people are calling us. Your dreams are tied to the Earth.

We are an integrated part of this world. What happens to the land and to our collective bodies, happens to us. Soul work happens through the five rhythms: our relationship to our body, soul, earth, cosmos & world.

Our wildest future cannot be created without solving our disembodied destruction: ecological collapse, colonization of indigenous people, oppression trauma, mass extinction, climate change disasters & wealth inequality.

If we’re going to create an extraordinary future, thriving in harmony on the living planet, where empathy & possibilities co-mingle together……then we will need every human to unlock their vibrant, multi-dimensional, deeply embodied potential.

The beautiful thing is, our bodies always know the way. We’ll explore the abundant, natural, wild bio-rhythms of who we are – to change the world.

Re-wilding | Regeneration | Resourcefulness | Revolution

This is a journey of creating your living legacy, on the living planet.

At the Soul Leader we’re on a mission to create a space for any leader who feels the same call to action and is ready to take up more space – to awaken her gifts, engage communities, heal generations, create sustainable projects, invoke wellbeing and to co-create the future with humanity.