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About our Why

Why we do what we do

Join Melissa Sandon & Soul Leader for a rich & restorative soul leadership in synergy with nature, community & the cosmos


Diploma of Kinesiology | Community Development & Sustainability Professional | Environmental Engineer | Activist

I’ve been enchanted by the energy & soul arts since teenage-hood - but also had a deep passion to protect the Earth. Which led to working for the Red Cross in disaster areas, designing & managing community programs for sustainability.

But then my soul called & asked me to follow a deeper dreaming to create a thriving business of earthed-based, soul work.

My personal passion is to support feminised leaders to unearth their soul-led & prolific creativity to make extraordinary impact in the world. I truly believe that's how we create a thriving future for the living planet.  

You'll find me in frolicking in waterfalls, writing in nature, cackling with friends, hiking mountains, reading saucy vampire fantasies & campaigning for the Greens.

Work with me:

• Learn Embodied Energetics & create your soul work as an empowered leader in the Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification

Work 1-on-1 with me in energetic sessions for 3 months of holistic energetic integration between your soul field, legacy, body & nervous system

Map your Keystone & Energise 2023, be guided in your own awakening journey or join our leadership programs

• Join Melissa in her new venture for purposeful leadership & program design to create an earth-led, embodied & feminised economy at Woman & Earth

Thriving soul work to enrich the living planet.

The world desires your soul work.

The wellspring of who we are, the constellation of our passions, vulnerabilities, hope and vision, which we call our soul work, is a singular and unique field that exists as a microcosm of the living universe around us. 

Our voice, and the soul work it shares, creates an incomparable tone of creative light that enriches the world through its uniqueness. 

As a microcosm of the whole, we inhabit the coherence and creative power of our universe. Our cells naturally imbue and resonate with the frequency of dreaming encrypted in all living things. 

We are in constant, dynamic relationship with the extraordinary energy that flows between and within, through space and time, place and land and bodies. 

We have an immeasurable opportunity to come alive in who we are to enrich the dreaming of the whole. 

Your voice makes an impact.

The world holds the longing for your voice. This is why your soul work is always bigger than your goals to get ahead, gain success or prove yourself.

Because your soul work is a singular, inimitable expression that brings extraordinary value to the field. 

So, when the evolution of our species meets a critical juncture and the planet requires humanity to evolve, this calling pulls on our body and lights our sacred fire. 

We are called into a much bigger personal why, for the richness and dreaming of the whole. 

The being of who you are, with all your hard edges and soft places, in your tender humanity and wild brilliance, in your pain and passion, is the spark that shakes others alive. 

Who we become in our soul work is shaped by the unfolding story of humanity, the dreaming of the land, the memories of our bodies, the history of ancestors and the forces of nature of this living planet. 

We are the vessel for wild, as-yet-imagined dreams as a part of a great entanglement; of creativity finding life, innovation solving need, possibility filling space.

You, by being unapologetically you, are the embodiment of the future we all dream of. 

PRINCIPLES OF soul leadership

1. Richness of Energy

Decommissioning from scarcity & deepening your embodiment of original, natural & unbound flows of energy as an act of feminised richness and overflow. Learning to live in the unbound source of your creative aliveness.

11. Legacy for Humanity

Each of us has an undeniable calling that pulls on our gifts and shapes our path. Your extraordinary dreams exist in the space beyond reason, in your erotic stretch and in your deep passion to enrich the world. You were made for legacy & you are being called into a co-created destiny with the planet to build a beautiful future for all.

111. Belonging with your Voice

Panarchy says diversity is key to thriving living systems. We all belong with our diverse voices, we each have space to inhabit in the world. Your way - slow, fast, big vision, small deeds, community-based, body-led, cosmic. Whatever your unique rhythm & flavour, whatever season you're in, when you unveil yourself in intimacy to others, it brings richness to the whole.

1v. Resourcefulness & adaptability

So many of us have internalised defense strategies against a world that can often harm and deplete you. Our devotion is to restore our innate aliveness and re-learn who we are, beyond what the world taught us to be. We focus on transformation as restoration and re-building our resourcefulness to create & contribute as who we are in the world. We explore the interface of our personal nervous system and the field around us, growing our resilience to adapt to life as a natural & original expression of who we are.

v. Connecting to place, co-dreaming with Earth

Our research at Soul Leader has shown us that the creative light of who we are has purpose here on Earth. As much as we spiral our vision from the stars, so much of our soul work is dreamed in collaboration with the Earth, the land on which we stand. We are all on a journey home to ourselves & our place here. The stars, nature, our body & community call us into deep dreaming, in co-creation.

v1. Mastery & Innovation

Intuition is growing. People are not only becoming aware of the vast, deep & unbound energies we all exist in, they are also feeling how that energy calls them to express more of who they are to enrich the world. As energetic awareness & embodied truth grows, we need pioneers of these new, evolving & innovative energetics to help us chart the course into this new future. We need leaders who are depthed in their own arts and who are masterful in translating and sharing the language of soul. Your innovation becomes a living transmission for others.

v11. Embodied integrity

In a world of noise, people are seeking leaders who draw them deeper into their own truth. Who soften their nervous system and spark their soul. This is a lived experience, where you are devoted to your own grounded & thorough transformation as a leader. Embodied integrity is a currency your clients & community can feel. It is nuanced, deep, dynamic and alive. The complex and vulnerable experiences of being human is celebrated and a higher hope for people + the planet is shared.

v111. Coherence

You are the vessel for the living intelligence of the field. The impact you create in the world with your soul work is proportional to your availability & receptivity to the higher order coherence of your legacy. Allowing yourself to be re-organised for greater coherence is how you actualise your potential as a Soul Leader.


Embodied Energetics is a modality developed by Melissa Sandon & Soul Leader combining energetic science, soul arts & embodied alchemy. It weaves the living field of intelligence through the body, nervous system & energy field to invoke our client’s potential and resource them with unbound creative energy in honouring and restorative ways. 

We map the constellation of our client’s unique purpose and creative flow through our proprietary Keystones system – to unlock the key to who they are & live their desires in richness & connection. This empowers them to naturally express the full spectrum of their passion, lived experience and potential as soul work & legacy. 

We do this through:

– energetic mentoring & embodiment coaching to transform the flows between our personal world & collective experience by re-defining our soul roles & innate values

– mapping our client’s energy field (through body, earth, soul, world & cosmos) to facilitate spontaneous transformation & re-organisation into higher flows of coherence

– perceiving & translating the wisdom flowing through the field to illuminate deep truth, hidden patterns & soul dreaming

– weaving creative light through energy portals that intersect the soul, body & nervous system

– guiding clients into embodied alchemy through somatic experiencing, unravelling & releasing tension, building resources for transformation, embodying emotions & igniting the body’s primal soul rhythm



Embodied Energetics requires an unparalleled mastery of weaving personal energetics whilst holding a nuanced & broad perspective of how we intersect with cultural, familial, earth & collective fields.

We invite our clients to reclaim their innate power, draw upon the wisdom of ancestors, take up space & place, embrace legacy & embody their humanity.

As mentors, our commitment is to enable our clients to experience the resourcefulness, flexibility, adaptability, resilience, unbridled passion & natural joy to share their gifts with the world.

It is a collaborative and participatory approach, one that invokes others to experience themselves & facilitate their own regenerative healing.

It’s application is endless – our leaders support clients in the realms of personal transformation, coaching, business energetics, intuitive guidance, earth arts, soul medicine, thought-leadership, activism and also created bodies of work and training organisations in professional industries.

This work has been influenced and developed through Melissa’s professional and personal research experience of kinesiology, energetic science, nervous system function, trauma awareness, feminine arts, business energetics, environmental sustainability, living systems, social justice, feminised leadership, voice and expression work and feminised economies.


Soul leadership is the art of creating your potential in a way that not only enriches you but ties your body and soul to the dreaming of our world, earth and cosmos. 

The 5 embodied rhythms & realms of soul work

Here are the dynamic, interconnected and ever-changing relationships we explore & weave at Soul Leader:

Cosmos – the constellations of who we are, as shaped by our belonging in the mysterious, unknown creative unfolding of the galaxies of our universe. 

Soul – your field of original passion & spark of creative desire which exists across time and space and holds the story & dreaming of who you are. The creative light you transmit to others. 

Body – the landscapes of your history, the portals of your power, your waves of emotions, scars of trauma and rhythms of creativity that exist within the shape of your skin. Exploring the body’s innate intelligence and ways to experience and alchemise the world. 

Earth – Your place of belonging, the original blueprint of lifeforce and the explosion of creative potential through nature. Your obligation to the dreaming of the land and traditional knowledge. Being in co-operative synergy with all living things.

World – the world holds the longing for your voice and invites you to take up space and express who you are. Soul work is a collaboration, the deep intimacy of who you are and those you share it with. Your dreaming is intricately and irrevocably tied to the world’s destiny. Your voice weaves new futures for humanity. 


map the key to you



Guide others into their potential



Has your soul called you to make a contribution to the world with your gifts? Do you have a deep, undeniable knowing you’re meant to do work that lights others up? Do you dream of earning an abundant livelihood, doing what you love?

Your soul work has a place in this new world. Our planet and its people are calling us. Your dreams are tied to the Earth. 

We are an integrated part of this world. What happens to the land and to our collective bodies, happens to us. Soul work exists through five rhythms: our relationship to body, soul, earth, world & cosmos.

Our wildest future cannot be created without solving our disembodied destruction: ecological collapse, colonization of indigenous people, oppression trauma, mass extinction, climate change disasters & wealth inequality.

If we’re going to create an extraordinary future, thriving in harmony on the living planet, where empathy & possibilities co-mingle together……then we need every human to unlock their vibrant, deeply embodied potential.

Our bodies always know the way. We’ll explore the abundant, natural, wild bio-rhythms of who we are – to change the world.

Re-wilding | Regeneration | Resourcefulness | Revolution

This is a journey of creating your living legacy, on the living planet.

Melissa Sandon (founder)



Soul Leader


Melissa Sandon, founder of Soul Leader explores how to actualise your potential and purpose on the living planet. We’ll explore the richness of your desire, the audacity of your vision and how to inhabit your soul work in an act of thriving possibility. Learn about energetics, soul work, restoration, earth stewardship, soul business & the feminine economy. 

Soul Leadership in synergy with this gloriously verdant Earth.

This is a journey of creating our living legacy, on & for the living planet.

Re-wilding | Regeneration | Resourcefulness | Revolution