Become an exceptional embodied energetics mentor

Master the art of creating profound & deep change for others as a mentor of leading-edge energetics, embodied alchemy & soul work.



The rich new fields of energy igniting our legacy & landing us home to body + Earth.

+ how to weave them as an Embodied Energetics Mentor to bring your clients alive in sacred purpose & deep flow.


Includes 3-day workshop mid-2024 – in-person Peregian Beach, Aus

Be held in a deep, multi-disciplinary program of embodied energetics, feminised leadership and soul work.

This embodied approach will refine your mastery as an influential Embodied Energetics Mentor, whilst guiding you to shape your leadership as a unique body of soul work, mission-led business or new modality.

The Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification is a professional qualification that infuses three innovative modalities: energetic science, soul arts & embodied alchemy as part of our soul work modality called Embodied Energetics

We take an earth-centred, community-led and future-dreaming approach to cultivating the legacy of your unique purpose and developing your expertise as a transformational facilitator to weave possibilities and deep restoration through the realms of body, earth, world, cosmos and soul.  

Our wildest passion is to equip our leaders with the embodied resonance that lights up every room they walk into and brings extraordinary dreams alive.

Do you feel a calling to do work that activates others & enriches new futures?

Your soul work has a place and your voice belongs.

We desire you, in all your light + dark, imperfections + brilliance, humanity + soul, to lead the way.


You'll learn leading-edge energetics and how to be a mentor who can facilitate gentle and wild transformation, weaving creative light and potential through the body and nervous system and into sustainable liberation.

We mentor you in your own unique soul work so you can create a thriving livelihood and inhabit your unique voice as a purpose-led legacy.


Embodied Energetics is a modality developed by Melissa Sandon & Soul Leader combining energetic science, soul arts & embodied alchemy. It weaves the living field of intelligence through the body, nervous system & energy field to invoke our client’s potential and resource them with unbound creative energy in honouring and restorative ways. 

We map the constellation of our client’s unique purpose and creative flow through our proprietary Keystones system – to unlock the key to who they are & live their desires in richness & connection. This empowers them to naturally express the full spectrum of their passion, lived experience and potential as soul work & legacy. 

We do this through:

– energetic mentoring & embodiment coaching to transform our inner & outer worlds by re-defining our roles, values, purpose and aligning to our true source that powers it all

– mapping the living field to unveil the hidden truths and unique keystone that brings us fully alive in who we are and ignites our Earthly dreaming

– reading + weaving the threads of our history and heritage, legacy and future vision

– resourcing others in their creative channel to spill forth their voice and land their soul work in the world to richly serve the collective

– sparking creative waves through the soul, body, nervous system and into our community

– guiding clients into embodied alchemy through somatic experiencing, unravelling & releasing tension, building resources for transformation & igniting our primal soul rhythm

– practicing living systems theory to re-wild our bodies to the living field and invoke regenerative & unbound re-organisation in our most natural flow.



Embodied Energetics requires an unparalleled mastery of weaving personal energetics whilst holding a nuanced & broad perspective of how we intersect with cultural, familial, earth & collective fields.

We invite our clients to reclaim their innate power, draw upon the wisdom of ancestors, take up space & place, embrace legacy & embody their humanity.

As mentors, our commitment is to enable our clients to experience the resourcefulness, flexibility, adaptability, resilience, unbridled passion & natural joy to share their gifts with the world.

It is a collaborative and participatory approach, one that invokes others to experience themselves & facilitate their own regenerative healing.

It’s application is endless – our leaders support clients in the realms of personal transformation, coaching, business energetics, intuitive guidance, earth arts, soul medicine, thought-leadership, activism and also created bodies of work and training organisations in professional industries.

This work has been influenced and developed through Melissa’s professional and personal research experience of kinesiology, energetic science, nervous system function, trauma awareness, feminine arts, business energetics, environmental sustainability, living systems, social justice, feminised leadership, voice and expression work and feminised economies.


You'll embark on an innovative program of energetic science qualifications, soul work, feminised business, earth stewardship, embodiment, legacy & leadership.

We believe feminised leaders must inhabit embodied energetics & living creativity to lead movements of change in the world. Our soul work comes vibrantly alive when it is tied to a bigger dream for humanity & the living planet. In our flagship Energy & Soul Mentor Certification, we have three streams of experience & excellence to ignite your mastery.


Learn the new innovation of energetic science, soul arts and embodied alchemy to become a potent & sought-after practitioner who can weave energy, somatic currents & truth through the field to invoke wild dreams & deep embodied liberation.


Integrate your soul gifts, your passions, history & legacy to become a change-maker who inhabits your full creative vibrancy as a legacy. Not only will you create community & a movement, you’ll live your soul work as an embodied resonance.


Be mentored in creating & teaching your unique body of soul work - to create your own training curriculums, programs, offerings, books, speaking and modalities as you unleash your wild soul leadership.

The Energy & Soul Mentor Certification gives you the skills to weave human & soul potential and impact the field of humanity.

Our leaders express their energetic skills in a diversity of professional and creative ways:

Embodied Energetics Mentor

Become an influential Embodied Energetics mentor who translates & alchemises the desires, purpose, pains, patterns, history & vision flowing through the somatic & energetic realms. Weave the field with embodied energetics & templates of actualisation to guide clients into their authentic expression & dreams.

Intuitive Coach

Combine powerful coaching principles with intuitive & embodiment skills to guide your clients into deeper truths and more resourceful intentions and commitments, so they can fulfil their desires in easeful, authentic and aligned ways.

Soul Guide

Guide your clients into the dreaming of their soul & the rich legacy pulling on their cells, that ties them to the Earth’s dreaming. Learn the art of mapping people’s keystones & soul centres to unlock their unique creative flow & amplify the creative light of who they are to enrich the world.

Business Energetics Mentor

Understand the purpose, potential & unique value that forms a business entity. Guide entrepreneurs & business women/people to thrive in the ecosystem of their passions & service in the world. Map their personal keystone & how it aligns to the blueprint of their business. Unlock feminised currencies of rich creativity & deep earthly passion.

Embodiment Facilitator

Facilitate embodied alchemy & work in sensitive, honouring, culturally-aware & empowering ways. Use a liberatory model of surrendered expansion via felt senses & lived experience to map pathways into possibility, resourcefulness & regeneration.

Teacher / Lead Trainer

Leaders who awaken their purpose also tend to shape a body of work in their mastery. They embody the teacher archetype & bring through new innovation through their creative channel. This body of work is often shared as programs, new modalities & training organisations that represent who they are & the legacy they’re destined for.

Thought-leader / Innovator

Leaders in diverse industries like sustainability, business, design, architecture & health who want to create cross-discipline, soulful bodies of work & collaborative projects. Shake up the status quo & integrate embodied wisdom like earth connection, living systems, wellbeing economies, feminised business & social enterprise.

Visionary Director / CEO

Business leaders have an immense opportunity & responsibility to understand the deeper currents of their organisation as a living system that provides immense value to the world. Unlock the creative impulse & big why of the business/org, harmonise the collaboration of all involved & amplify the impact it brings to humanity.

Healers, Women, Mothers

Remembering who we are & coming home to our bodies, land & community is the healing the world longs for. The Earth is calling us all into embodied liberation & many women, mothers & humans are embodying a healing revolution. Our Cert is an experiential program that facilitates deep healing, restoration & purpose.

EMBODIED ENERGETICS: A new leadership for the future

Regeneration, richness & revolution of embodied energetics

A new epoch of energetic possibility is emerging. Researchers and pioneers have radically grown the knowledge-base of transformational facilitation.  

At Soul Leader, we pioneer a new innovation in embodied energetics by harnessing the creative pulse of who you are in synergy with the intelligent web of life. This has reframed what we know about healing, purpose and creative liberation. 

Rather than constantly battling our trauma and the oppressive societal and capital systems we are asked to live within, we gently interrupt our disempowerment by resourcing ourselves and attuning to the innate somatic and energetic rhythms flowing across our being.

This not only fuels a sustainable regeneration of our creative capacity in our own body, but it enlivens us to a much bigger dreaming for our purpose in the world and the impact we’re a vessel for. 

This is the energetic science of activating unbound fields of possibility and our belonging within place, community, land & body. At Soul Leader, we teach the skillset of reading the rich language of the currents, rhythms & truths that flow within our bodies and our field, in order to unearth the deeper dreaming and higher legacy you’re being called into. 

Tapping leaders into their co-created earth destiny

At Soul Leader, we believe our dreams become fully enriched when we choose a much greater purpose for our creative endeavours. Chasing success to gain significance feels empty, brittle. Decommissioning yourself from performance, achievement or proving ourselves is essential if you want to create a legacy that makes an impact.

When we create the space to deeply listen to the desires swirling in our cells, we hear the calling of dream that is entwined with the world’s longing. 

The Earth called you here to bring your creative light. 

Soul work is what happens when you hand your whole body over to being the vessel for the soul truth pouring through you. Legacy is the outcome when you share that freely & ecstatically – humbled & surrendered to a calling much bigger than your mind can figure out. 

We invite our leaders to vision the uncertain, nuanced, fierce, deep & extraordinary dreams. We weave the energetics of tapping your heart into humanity and becoming an embodied transmission of the future we’re all dreaming of. 

It is then we are introduced to the currency of true energetic wealth. Where we come alive in who we are and experience the harmony and coherence of being fully expressed in a living system that has unbound creative energy for us all to shine. 


Soul Leadership is the art of creating your potential in a way that not only enriches you but ties your body and soul to the dreaming of our world, earth & cosmos.

The 5 embodied rhythms & realms of soul work

Here are the dynamic, interconnected and ever-changing relationships we explore & weave at Soul Leader:

Cosmos – the constellations of who we are, as shaped by our belonging in the mysterious, unknown creative unfolding of the galaxies of our universe. 

Soul – your field of original passion & spark of creative desire which exists across time and space and holds the story & dreaming of who you are. The creative light you transmit to others. 

Body – the landscapes of your history, the portals of your power, your waves of emotions, scars of trauma and rhythms of creativity that exist within the shape of your skin. Exploring the body’s innate intelligence and ways to experience and alchemise the world. 

Earth – Your place of belonging, the original blueprint of lifeforce and the explosion of creative potential through nature. Your obligation to the dreaming of the land and traditional knowledge. Being in co-operative synergy with all living things.

World – the world holds the longing for your voice and invites you to take up space and express who you are. Soul work is a collaboration, the deep intimacy of who you are and those you share it with. Your dreaming is intricately and irrevocably tied to the world’s destiny. Your voice weaves new futures for humanity. 


Master the art of mapping the constellations of creation via your client's soul keystone

Every human has a purpose to unlock their potential and create their life in that soul-given work with joy and fierce devotion.

A soul-connected individual is in perpetual rhythm and guidance with their soul – being moved with synchronicity and flow in their higher order. 

In the Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification, you will learn the potent and life-changing art of mapping your client’s keystone to harmonise and expand their flow, creativity, connectedness, alignment and abundance.

Mapping your keystone is one of the most profound and extraordinary experiences, as it gives you the key and the energetic constellation of who you are. 

The Soul Keystone is a map of the unique makeup of who you are as a soul. It is the constellation of your humanity, personality, soul lessons, core patterns and purpose.

A Soul Keystone is a combination of 5 key energy elements you can embody and activate to shift you into the fluid, light-speed flow of your highest soul creation.

A Soul Keystone is like unlocking the secret door to who you are and how you operate in your original energy richness. It is the key to creating and then actualising your soul desires and highest potential.

Your Soul Keystone is a unique vibrational pattern that crosses time, space and dimensions that becomes the story and song of who you are.

“If you are looking to download your own body of work or yearn to be lovingly supported as you step into your Soul work, this is the place to be.”

“I had been searching for a practitioner training for some years now. A program that could guide me to navigate what I was feeling as a sensitive woman, whilst explaining the science behind it. Soul Leader delivered this plus more! Melissa is a wealth of knowledge with a unique ability to hold space for her students that feels intimate and safe. She sees you in your highest light and supports you in downloading your truths and gifts.”

Siyan Astes | Soul Guide | Energy & Soul Practitioner



The energetics of being a CEO

Melissa chats with alumni student, Hazel Kaiela, CEO & Director of Share Culture about the essential role being an energetic mentor can play in building and running a thriving company.

“Knowing my body of work, how magical & next-level it is for those ready to bring their soul worth and really shine in this lifetime...I am filled with joy and so excited!”

Intan Sudarso | Sacred Women's Circles | Energy & Soul Mentor

“I’ve now created my own whole methodology with how I work with people - it’s been incredible to apply the knowledge from Embodied Energetics and create something that is so true for me.”

Learn how Kathryn Hocking used the Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification to create her own body of soul work, merge it with her launch strategy business and start writing her own book, which she believes will one day become her own training curriculum.

"Joining Soul Leader was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. It was a big leap to move from online business coaching and strategy to embracing my healing gifts but I am so glad that I took the chance and invested in myself. The program was absolutely amazing and within a couple of months I was doing paid healing sessions with clients and starting to develop my own unique approach that weaved into my existing business.I can't say enough about how much I loved my time with the Soul Leader and training with Melissa."

Kathryn Hocking | Embodied Soul Astrology Academy

Leaders who can activate energy & soul will be able to ignite the passion & legacy of individuals and groups of people alike.

Learn the potency of being a leader who creates movements of profound change for your clients - on the stage, in your books, in your training curriculums, in your thought-leadership and change-making. 

Our certification is unique - you are mentored to develop your own body or modality of soul work to create a movement of change.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

+ Sublime awakening & body liberation as a leader

+ Grow your energetic bandwidth to embody your next-level desires & unleash your expression

+ Mapping your unique passions & potential through your soul keystone

+ Channel & create your modality of soul work

+ Collaborate with other incredible leaders, enriching each other’s visions & co-creating as soul partners

+ Grow your legacy wealth as a feminised leader, magnetising clients & getting paid for your work

You’ll learn how to masterfully guide your clients into their soul legacy, energetic wealth, abundance of resources and extraordinary potential.

You'll receive our self-study foundational program Embodied Soul Guide where you'll master the art of:

Communicating with the Multi-dimensional Soul Field

The 5 Body Ways of Liberation

Somatic Alchemy, Sacred Gateways & Reclamation of Power

Dismantling Scarcity, Growing Resources & Uncertainty

Relational Rhythms: Body, Soul, Earth & World

Liberation & Expansion in the Energetic Journey

Currencies of Flow: Curiosity, Passion, Purpose & Abundance

In Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification, you'll master:

The New Era of Awakening

Liberating the Body

Enriching the Energy Field

Activating Portals of Soul – advanced

Mapping the Keystones & Unique Rhythms of Flow

Creation of your Soul Work

Audacious, Resourced & Alive Leadership

Sacred Selling

“My soul was saying to me she had so much more to offer the world, and it’s time to fully claim who I am. The Embodied Energetics Mentor certification is the most powerfully activating and impactful program that I have ever been involved in.”

"Since embarking on this journey with Melissa I have been stretched out of my comfort zone many times and as a result the growth and positive shifts that I have witnessed within myself have been deeply healing and profound on so many levels. It really has been life changing for me and hand on heart, one of the best decisions I have made to date!"

Amy Huynh | Soul Guide | Embodied Energetics Practitioner

“Learning these techniques and embodiment practices has helped me connect with my soul and her desires, and I’ve started earthing my souls work.”

Nazira Sacasa | Body Acceptance Advocate | Embodiment Guide

"Melissa is an incredible teacher and space holder. Being in this program has been a transformational experience. I started to feel shifts the second I signed up for Embodied Energetics Mentor and I am so grateful I took the leap."

"The way I show up in the world, hold space for my clients, and support them in their own expansion is unlike anything I've experienced before. Don't think about it - don't let your mind decide - feel into the energy of the Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification and let your soul lead you right through the doors.”

“What have I received since becoming a student of the Soul Leader? There are no words. The personal transformation I've been supported through in the past 12 months has been worth the investment alone. And the connections, the friendships, the soul sisters I have received, the energy that we have co-created together is priceless. I will never be the same again and I now know that I have big soul work to do and this program has been the catalyst for so much of it.”

Katherine Mackenzie Smith | Soul Guide for Sensitive Souls | Intuitive Biz Coach


Professional mastery

We are an experiential program to develop your mastery and professional skills to work with others. You'll have the option of being certified as an Embodied Energetics Mentor through the IICT. We'll also work with you to become a potent & exceptional mentor who is sought-after in your field. You'll develop an embodied resonance that will be felt as masterful when you're in the presence of others.


We welcome leaders from all over the world, offering an online training program with optional in-person experiences during the year. Our online training includes immersion experiences, practice sessions, teaching mastery, coaching & Q&A. We create the space for re-wilding and extraordinary dreaming together through our intimate online and live teaching portals.


Soul work is a movement of collaboration with other feminised leaders. We create the space for a diverse, dynamic and inclusive community where we centre the values of intimacy, expression and trust. You'll be invited to connect with others and collaborate on new offerings, soul work, expression, business, transformation, creativity & unleashing your leadership.

“I bring more value to my clients and keep expanding my business in ways most authentic to me.”

“Embodied Energetics Mentor is a creative portal, woven with the highest vibration. Melissa has an intense understanding of the path of the esoteric woman, and her teachings reflect that. I have deep appreciation for what I have learned in the coursework, through both the online content and in-person workshops. As a result, I bring more value to my clients and keep expanding my business in ways most authentic to me. But most valuable is Melissa's transmissions, which have helped me to uncover my truest potential.”

Margaret Burns | Soul Guide | Divine Power Coach

“This beautiful vehicle of Embodied Energetics Mentorship has helped me come back fully into my myself, & find my purpose here in this world. Now I’m doing this work with others!”

Alisar Laz | Soul Song Guide | Energy & Soul Mentor

“Being in this beautiful circle of women has enabled me to clarify and download my beautiful new offerings in playfulness and fun.”

In the Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification I’ve learnt how to move with grace through my dark and light, through my old stories in an expanded and grounded way. My soul was yearning to be in connection with other women who had big intentions for their dreams too. It's the most amazing space to be held in - so grateful for the beautiful Melissa and the other women in the program."

Jaime Alexandra | Sustainability Practitioner | Yoga Teacher

Create a feminised economy with your gifts.

What if you could invest in the one asset that will continue to grow and appreciate for the rest of your life?

Leader, that asset is you!

We believe that a new future of humanity is made possible by women choosing to claim the innate value in who they are and to create a thriving, rich livelihood.

You are a feminised leader, here to take a stand for soul wealth & natural riches.

We believe the most valuable industry in the world is the one that supports others to connect to the ever-flowing, always enriched gifts of who they are.

As Soul Leader, we can create a new regenerative humanity and planet in overflow.

That’s why each of our Leaders are supported, encouraged and cheered on to lovingly back themselves to launch, express and joyfully sell their offerings.

We mentor you to launch your programs & services in higher service – no rules or formulas, but pure ecstatic expression to share with others. Our feminised leaders embody their soul wealth and are passionate about re-distributing these riches into change projects for the Earth too.

Are you ready to shake up the status quo and joyfully invest in the gifts that will stoke your soul’s true destiny and continue to grow & evolve your energetic wealth?

Are you ready to claim who you really are & why you’re here?

12 months of Embodied Energetics & soul leadership

Thriving, embodied & earthed model of doing business to regenerate the living planet

Creating your signature body of soul work & your passionate legacy

Internationally-accredited professional qualification as an Embodied Energetics Mentor

12 months of collaboration with a thriving group of passionate Soul Leaders


Join our April 2024 cohort

Our students go on to start thriving clinics, group mentorships, movements of change, write books, speak on the stage, develop online programs and even create their own training academys.

The skills you'll master will set you up to be a pioneer of the most impactful, profound & transformative change.

“I downloaded & launched my soul business within the first 3 months of the certification and signed up two mentorships”

Hazel Kaiela | CEO & Director | Mentor

“My business has tripled and I’ve called in opportunities I thought were impossible. But more importantly, I’ve deeply anchored into my connection with my soul & mama earth which is the catalyst for it all”

"Our retreat was one of the best weeks of my life! Looking back I can see how it was such a turning point for me. Soul Leader’s training is next-level and really helped me to uplevel my life + biz!"

Amy Lea | Human Design Guide | Business Energetics


Diploma of Kinesiology | Community Development & Sustainability Professional | Environmental Engineer | Activist

I’ve been enchanted by the energy & soul arts since teenage-hood - but also had a deep passion to protect the Earth. Which led to working for the Red Cross in disaster areas, designing & managing community programs for sustainability.

But then my soul called & asked me to follow a deeper dreaming to create a thriving business of earthed-based, soul work.

My personal passion is to support feminised leaders to unearth their soul-led & prolific creativity to make extraordinary impact in the world. I truly believe that's how we create a thriving future for the living planet.

My soul channel is brimming with a body of work that is all about the language of soul and I'm proud to be a vessel for new bodies of knowledge, including embodied energetics, soul centres, keystones and soul leadership. 

You'll find me in frolicking in waterfalls, writing in nature, cackling with friends, hiking mountains, reading saucy vampire fantasies & campaigning for the Australian and Queensland Greens.


The energetics of

Enriching community & impacting the field

Begins Feb, 2023

Part 1: Earth calls you into legacy
Part 2: Soul work brings you alive
Part 3: Leading-edge energetics & soul arts for the future
Part 4: Be who you are: impact the field with your gifts
Part 5: Voice & embodied wealth for feminised leaders


Our planet and its people are calling us. Your dreams are tied to the Earth.

We are an integrated part of this world. What happens to the land and to our collective bodies, happens to us. Soul work happens through the five rhythms: our relationship to our body, soul, earth, cosmos & world.

Our wildest future cannot be created without solving our disembodied destruction: ecological collapse, colonization of indigenous people, oppression trauma, mass extinction, climate change disasters & wealth inequality.

If we’re going to create an extraordinary future, thriving in harmony on the living planet, where empathy & possibilities co-mingle together……then we will need every human to unlock their vibrant, multi-dimensional, deeply embodied potential.

The beautiful thing is, our bodies always know the way. We’ll explore the abundant, natural, wild bio-rhythms of who we are – to change the world.

Re-wilding | Regeneration | Resourcefulness | Revolution

This is a journey of creating your living legacy, on the living planet.

We’re on a mission to create a space for any leader who feels the same call to action and is ready to take up more space – to awaken her gifts, engage communities, heal generations, create sustainable projects, invoke wellbeing and to co-create the future with humanity.

At Soul Leader, we’re accountable to doing the work of decolonisation and anti-capitalism. We’re also committed to #landback and Voice, Treaty, Truth for First Nations People.