Energetics of Leadership with Melissa Sandon & Soul Leader
Energetics of Leadership
The rich new fields of energy igniting our legacy & landing us home to body + Earth.
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Creator of Embodied Energetics | Diploma of Kinesiology | Community Development & Sustainability Professional | Environmental Engineer | Activist

I’ve been enchanted by the embodied energetics & soul arts since teenage-hood - but also had a deep passion to protect the Earth. Which led to working in international development & community sustainability programs.

I followed a deeper dreaming to guide others in Embodied Energetics to ignite their potential & enrich the world with their soul work.

As a part of the Soul Leader movement, I've created the Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification, Soul Centres & Keystone modalities and the integrated Body | Earth | World | Soul | Cosmos model for our feminised leadership programs.

My personal passion is to support feminised leaders to unearth their soul-led & prolific creativity to make extraordinary impact in the world. I truly believe that's how we create a thriving future for the living planet.

You'll find me in frolicking in waterfalls, writing in nature, cackling with friends, hiking mountains, reading vampire fantasies & campaigning for the Greens.

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Master the art of creating profound & deep change for others as a mentor of leading-edge energetics, soul arts & embodied alchemy.