Enrolments now open for the Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification


map your keystone

Begins mid-June, 2023

Map your personal legacy keystone & create a thriving energetic container to hold your wild dreams.

Unlock your soul work channel & come alive in the playful & prolific creativity of who you are.

Join Melissa Sandon in a live energetic experience to map & activate your dreaming & vision.

This is an invitation for you to receive intimate soul mentorship and be guided into your deeper places of longing, the wild currents of your desires and the undeniable calling of your legacy.

Mapping your keystone will spark your potential & unlock your most natural & abundant rhythm to living your desires as a creative being.

Chart your constellations of CREATION

  • Discover your personal energetic gateways
  • Alchemise old roles into daring soul leadership
  • Channel your soul work dreaming
  • Resolve & re-organise old patterns into thriving expansion
  • Harness your unique sequence of creative manifestation
  • Actualise dreams in quantum time and deep earth


Map your keystone to unearth your sustainable creativity & embodied joy, tap into your soul work channel, take up space with your voice & live in the flow of legacy.

Join us for 6 live energetic sessions where you'll get personal energetic mentorship from Melissa Sandon in a sacred, collaborative group environment.

You'll spark an extraordinary magic through working directly with your own field of intelligence and weaving rich flows of energy so you can inhabit your dreams with passion and audacity.

You'll learn the art of embodying your sensual power in the channel of your soul.

Why I'm running Energised

Every year I consciously create the energetic fields to hold my dreaming and the values I choose to live out for the coming year.

This field becomes a living space in my energy grid that I inhabit in my work + business. A field that is encrypted with the possibilities of my legacy, that imbues the ethos, messages and magnetism to inspire others to join.

It not only activates my soul work but it becomes the essence I embody as I share my soul work.

I've created Energised so you can:

1) Create alive and enriched work that energises new futures for humanity + planet.

Soul work + creative energy should be sourced from renewable energy powers, not the limited supply of our personal engine or physical body - because trying to hold up luminous dreams in unsustainable ways is not only exhausting, but diminishes life-force in the world around us.

To create extraordinary dreams, we must invest in extraordinary energy.

Internationalising the container or energy field that we desire to create from for the coming year is a way to be held in a restorative field that feels nourishing and playful.

It also becomes the field that engages your clients and community - a living space with an ethos that compels them and helps them feel like they’re gathering in a place that sparks their own soul work too.

2) Doing leadership in energised, resourceful, earthed and embodied ways is the soul work too.

How we be in our creative pursuits and as a leader is a contribution to new paradigms of living and weaves a new story for how humans can participate in the synergy, dynamism and diversity of our living planet without breaking down and burning out in our dreaming.

Being a leader who, imperfectly through her humanity, emulates these qualities is just as powerful, or even more so, than the actual work she creates.

The community you build through the movement of your vision + work, actually desires your embodiment of feminised leadership principles. The choose to invest in you because they are making an investment in who they desire to become, which they can feel as an alive state of embodiment through you.

The nuts and bolts of how you market your work is not nearly as magnetic as the essence you transmit and the values you invite your clients into. Your lived embodiment is an expression that compels.

In simple terms, investing in consciously curating your legacy field is essential. Shifting into the unbound power source of your soul work will sustain your vision and creativity in a restorative and rich way.

We'll journey through the 5 elements of your keystone:

All calls will be recorded if you are unable to attend live.

Call 1: Claim your extraordinary dreaming

Call 2: Activator: Expand your capacity for richness

Call 3: Energiser: Thrive in who you are

Call 4: Dreamer: Channel your soul work

Call 5: Gatekeeper: Transform your habitual patterns into embodied power

Call 6: Actualiser: Inhabit your living dream