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Postcast category: Finding your soul work

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Building resilience in your upgrade

How do we make this elevated embodied frequency our new normal? By growing our tolerance and resilience for it. By learning to sustain our embodiment of it. By aligning into the channel of it and staying there.
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Be bold & unapologetic with sharing your soul work

Doing what your soul asks of you is being willing to take up a mission much greater than your own comfort or success. Devote to your high soul dreams, create your soul work and be the leader you were born to be.
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Upgrading & letting in higher flows because your soul purpose demands It

I often have a vision of the woman I am when I’m expressing my highest level soul work. She’s turned on. Juicy. In fits of passion as her soul work big bangs her fully alive in her legacy. That’s when I know my selling is magnetic.
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