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Be bold & unapologetic with sharing your soul work

Praise ne

Doing what your soul asks of you is being willing to take up a mission much greater than your own comfort or success. It is the channel of your soul work – the creative art the world wants + the Earth needs from you.

You have a unique story, an indelible truth in the energy streaming through your soul – it is a frequency that has been called forth to uplift us all into a new future.

No one else can make this frequency, no one else has the singular combination of ancestry, vision, passion & desire you have.

Your responsibility is to bring your gift and let it light up the world.

Trust that the world wants & needs what you have to give.

Because the channel of your soul work is effervescent, passionate, and true. All you need is to find that channel and be who you are.

And then your legacy will light up and accelerate you into your wildest dreams.

There are places + hearts all across the globe who are programmed to activate with the specific codes only you have.

Don’t deny them that magic, because you’re too busy playing someone else’s game.

Devote to your high soul dreams, create your soul work and be the leader you were born to be.

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