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Podcast episode:

Expression + Selling as Pleasure: Re-writing our Visibility Wounds

Abstract expression

Your soul work is meant to turn you on.

I’m talking maximum pleasure + feeling fully creatively expressed.

Yep – even the vulnerability-invoking parts of running business – like sharing offers, speaking the truth, signing clients, making money.

It’s meant to feel good.

It’s a here and now thing. NOT when you figure things out, heal more or get on top of your big, fiddly projects.

Your true soul work will bring you fully alive. Like a lover, you will be seduced, melted, lit up & penetrated by your legacy.

It will reach into your chest and pull your heart into the bliss of selling your gifts to the world.

You know I take a stand for your financial wealth as a businesswoman – as an act of feminine power right? Making consistent money months means you’re making an impact.

But all the money in the world can’t substitute this feeling.

Being tapped into the richest source of soul is the original calling.

You become both the channel & the vessel.

In that moment, you are ecstatically free. It’s the multi-D channel that will fuel & supply you for your whole life.

Even though we can feel incredibly vulnerable in our visibility – it’s the sharing, marketing & selling of ourselves that lights us up.

It’s our loved up, pleasure-filled super flow.

Expressing your soul is also the most profitable asset of your business.

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