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Feminine awakening & embodiment to create magnetism & flow for your soul leadership

Years ago when I was first starting my business, I kept noticing so many other entrepreneurs easily and quickly launch their offers.

Meanwhile, it seemed like the only way that I could create or launch anything was when I had been fully activated by the work when it had taken me into a deep transformation process when I had been invoked to become a new woman, then the work seemed to emerge from me as a new embodied frequency I could then share and teach.

I know now this is the feminine embodiment of teaching and leading your soul work. Where you become the living and breathing essence of your work.

Not just lip service, but emulated truth.

At the time it just felt slow. And hard. And like I was being left behind.

And in truth, it was slower and harder than it needed to be.

My nervous system hadn’t yet been re-wilded. I hadn’t landed my lightbody. I didn’t know how to weave my feminine and masculine flows together.

I learnt that the undulating, vast, deep feminine awakening journey you go on as a feminised leader is pure gold for your business.

It’s not a case of ‘when I get through this season of awakening or this next erotic edge then my soul work will flow again’

It’s something more more rich than that.

It’s that your soul work + leadership becomes magnetic and in super flow when you embrace your feminine embodiment.

When you’re allowing the deep dives, that’s when the magic fully amps up in what you’re bringing to the world.

But when you’re in it, when you’re feeling uprooted, in the void, meeting edges, unsure, full of uncertainty, transforming your biggest, oldest patterns AND rebirthing……..

How do you continue to feel the lightspeed expansion and desirability of your soul work?

Because it’s not one or the other.

You can attract clients to your feminine transformation.

You can have high flow and pleasure in your deep dives.

You can be re-wilding your whole business and in the big rebirth of letting go of who you thought you were to become you are really are.

And it can be radiant.

And energy-rich.

And you can trust it.

I’m heading over to the Energy Rich Soul Leader FB group today for a training on how to leverage and amplify these awakenings to be super magnetic for your clients.

And how to stay in high flow, manifesting your big desires while you’re in your personal awakening.

Because your soul seems to LOVE creating the invitations into these wild transformations.

So this training will show you how you can stay in the channel of your highest soul destiny and rocking your leadership while being an embodied, feminine human.

Today’s call is going to look at the essential, highly-profitable art of embracing your feminine awakening for your soul work legacy.

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