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Podcast episode:

How to create super soul flow with your clients

Kinesiology in practice

This podcast is an extra special one, because we’re opening the doors to the Embodied Soul Guide with a new live round to begin 9th March 2021!

Today I’m sharing my personal process for being juiced up and excited to share and sell my soul work as a leader and how to unlock this super-soul flow for your clients too.

I’ll share about how each of our energy flows in a very specific way and my soul flow means I’ve got to find the new, innovative and big WHY in what I’m bringing to the world in order to be turned on.

When you know the secrets of your own energy, it unlocks a cascade of high flow – where your own energy + body starts to hum in natural excitement, but you also emit a field of magnetism and specific signalling that calls the most incredible humans to co-create magic with you.

Being in the most electric creativity of your soul work is essential if you want to create work that sells AND creates legacy.

We’re all about understanding your unique make-up as a soul, that’s why in this round of the Embodied Soul Guide, we’ll be teaching how you can help your clients unlock their unique way and their super-creative soul flow too by understanding energy flows and soul fields that work across the land, body, soul + planet.

Because helping your clients achieve their dreams becomes fun and enriching when you know how to guide them into the secret power + higher calling of who they are.

Instead of struggling and working really hard for their goals, its becomes about the re-wilding and resourcing journey into their own personal slipstream where not only are their highest soul desires already flooding in their cells, but the creative journey there is humbling, sacred and ecstatic.

In today’s live training on Unlocking Soul Flow For Your Clients, I’ll also share the core outcomes I set as my intention as an Embodied Soul Guide & mentor with every single client I work with.

When you align to these intentions, the co-created soul field electrifies and it is the way I know as a mentor that I’m receiving guidance and information that supports my client’s highest level.

I’ve been in the transformation industry for awhile and have learnt that there is SO much information that is flowing through our client’s fields, that we want to be integrated, knowledgeable and full of integrity with where we are guiding them.

That requires that your own field is embodied and expanded – not just to your own pleasure, but to your sacred role in the world.

And it requires that you can illuminate your client’s highest truths in ways that help them sustainably resource and activate themselves to create their passion for the world.

These core outcomes are the frequency I hold in my field in every session I walk into.

So, please join us for today’s transmission:

Unlocking Soul Flow For Your Clients (+ In Your Leadership too)

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