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Podcast episode:

Innovate your dreams & resource your body – how to expand from your Deep Earth

Dark sand

In these times, you may be feeling a call into new dreams. As if the world is inviting you to be audacious and innovative in how you create change and build a new future. It is the time to re-imagine and re-create possibilities. At the same time, your body needs to feel resourced to leap and innovate. We’re all in a deep rebirth – healing on a global and also personal level. Many of us have been feeling tired or overwhelmed at the state of the world.

In this podcast, we explore how to build your energetic and body resources, so you can be connected to your deep earth, while also hearing the call of new dreams and being brave enough to leap.

We also speak to how coaches, practitioners, healers and leader can perceive their client’s capacity for innovation while honouring the deep restoration needed. This is a call for practitioners to open to new energetic resources to juice your clients into overflow.

What we cover in the podcast:

0:11 What the massive collective & personal awakening is asking of us

1:11 How the innovation wave is waking you up to new dreams

7:11 How important it is for practitioners to activate innovation but also honour the body’s capacity and resources

8:58 How energetic resources are timeless and a game-changer for our embodiment

12:24 Innovation is calling you into next-level dreams and that means you’re meeting old patterns & paradigms to complete them – these energies are currently sweeping through us

17:40 How to tap into the Earth’s resources for harmony and co-destiny

What we mention in the podcast:


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