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Podcast episode:

Making an impact with your soul gifts during rebirth, awakening and big emotions

How you can be a potent, magnetic leader who joyfully creates stellar desires with ease while embodying the deep, sometimes dark, sometimes messy humanity of the woman you are?

Have you ever felt a tug between wanting to be on fire with your soul work business, in high flow and channelling massive possibilities, but the woman needs space and nourishment as she meets life?

You find yourself needing rest. Or time to tend to your children. Or being swept up in other life stuff.

Or you’re hurting and need time to heal. Your history wants meeting or the world is on fire and you are flooded by grief or rage.

How do you do your soul legacy when the woman you are needs your attention?

In this Earthed Soul podcast, we speak about how we dance between two core roles as we create our legacy impact in the world:

  1. The open-hearted embodied woman
  2. The leader who radiates.

You need both.

The woman because the world wants to awaken her. The world is asking her to feel. To be cracked open. To embody it all, especially the dark, messy healing times of reconciling who she was and who she wants to be. And letting the world move her into sacred activism.

The woman is the reason and the nectar for the soul work to exist. Every step of her journey has been teaching her why she is here. All that she feels in the world lights her fire to bring change.

You need the leader because her radiant soul work is the vision, lighthouse, map and resources to create a new world. The co-ordinates and the guidance system of how to embody a new way on the planet. The leader is the beacon, because her energy becomes the tipping point for humanity. The leader makes change simply by having the courage to embody a new frequency and gifting it so others can step up too.

The woman rebirths.

The leader radiates.

You can, and must, be both.

We take a non-negotiable stand in the Energy & Soul Certification for our leaders to embody the full spectrum of the woman they are. Their deep, exquisite, dark unravelling. And their out-there, big-vision dreams.

We channel light in wild devotion to lighting up the world. And we embody dark, as we explore the erotic and sensual landscapes of our self.

Where these two natural forces of yourself meet is where the magic happens.

You don’t have to have it all together.

You don’t have to always be in control.

You don’t to deny your humanity or the humanity of others. You don’t have to be some spiritual guru, just high vibing all day.

Your humanity is the alchemy.

At the same time, you don’t have to deny your stellar, ecstatic light either.

We’ve been taught to dampen our brilliance or numb out our pleasure. To squeeze ourselves in, rather than take up space with our bodies and voices.

That’s why I do my energy work.

Because I want to feel my expansion.

The more I expand, the more my field weaves into natural rhythms of abundance.

The more I feel the textures of beauty of this living planet.

And the more spaciousness I feel to be all of who I am.

My soul gives me the fuel, the spilling forth photons in my field to meet the many moments the woman rebirths herself.

In soft tenderness. And wild joy.

The lightbody of our leadership resources us.

Instead of holding yourself to unbending high achievement and perfection, you embody the flexibility and grace to be vulnerable.

To not strive to prove yourself or be accepted.

Because you’re already full and overflowing with your original radiance. There is nothing to prove, only passion to give.

The woman and the leader.

Two halves of the same self.

All of you is desired.

And your business and leadership can thrive in all of your seasons and expressions.

Because a resourced and embodied leader can experience deep and radical feelings and still be thriving.

If you’re feeling the call to both embody your dark and transmit your life, make sure listen to this episode on making an impact with your soul gifts during rebirth, awakening and big emotions.

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