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Podcast episode:

Mapping your unique energy flow & soul state

Unlocking your unique energy flow

Each of us has a unique energy flow that unlocks incredible richness in our energy field. At the Soul Leader, we call this soul state. When you learn how to map the way energy flows for each human, you activate the force of creation. Learn how to perceive the direction of the energy flow – into the body or into the vast reaches of the energy field and how to amplify your natural creative flow and abundance.

We’ll explore how your soul state shifts you into your multi-dimensional richness.

What we cover in the podcast:

2:03 How each of us have a unique soul state in different parts of our energy field

8:03 When we’re struggling with our abundance, we’re often in opposition to our natural energy flow

9:53 Do you know your natural soul state and can you tolerate your own energy richness

13:54 How to embody and amplify your experience of energy richness

18:01 How to give yourself permission to flow in your multi-dimensionality

20:13 How to meet yourself as a deep body source

20:40 How to meet yourself as a vast star source

What we talk about in this podcast:

  • How to map your client’s unique energy flow and soul state to support them to be in their slipstream of possibilities. You can become an Energy & Soul practitioner and support your clients to unlock their energy richness in the Energy & Soul Mastery Certification
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