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Podcast episode:

Quantum Leadership: Collapse time, stay aligned & be the Living Dream

Melissa Sandon

Your soul dreams aren’t to prove yourself, they are to fulfill the world.

And you’ll never unlock your #legacylife if you’re too busy chasing other people’s dreams.

Even when you’re hitting all the outward goals, if you’re not tapped into your soul channel, you’ll find yourself empty where it truly counts.

I’m the kind of gal that’s wired for achievement. But I know intimately what it’s like when I let that drive run my soul work.

As soon as I compare my own progress to someone else’s success, the energy bombs out.

I’m talking massive dismantling of the expansion field that fuels my soul work.

When I lose that energy, I lose the coherence and slipstream state of letting my legacy lead me.

I believe our attachment to external success metrics is more of an unconscious downgrade we use to hold ourselves back from our magnificence.

It’s the lineage of scarcity and the constant inheritance of feeling like you’ll never be enough to achieve your dreams.

But none of that longing ever compares to the way your soul work makes you feel.

Turned on. Alive. Doing what you’re born for.

In the higher devotion.

The universe truly does not care about material wealth and success metrics. So even though we unapologetically make massive multi-D wealth flows in a feminized economy, we don’t lose sight of what truly counts.

You can’t take the instalife, property portfolio, or white picket fence where your soul is headed next.

Your leadership is about embodying the LIVING DREAM instead of being the desperado.

It’s about leading from the quantum, where your soul council are your business advisors and your true wealth is energetic.

That’s why we’re fully turned on at the Soul Medicine Academy in mentoring quantum leaders.

Those leaders who are ready to re-wild from all the shoulds and be ecstatically in their own channel, creating massive amounts of value in the world.

As a Quantum Leader, you:

✳ Collapse time instead of feeling like you never get there

✳ Overflow in infinite creative energy rather than stuck in scarcity.

✳ Stay turned on for your big why and higher impact, not the small goals

✳ Co-create with your soul clients instead of trying to be liked by everyone

✳ Multiply our expression + receivership bandwidths

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