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Podcast episode:

The Channel of Your Soul Work and Earth Guidance


How can you create a truly impactful movement of change with your gifts?

And attract an abundant and ever-growing incredible community of soul clients? To earn a rich livelihood for those gifts, leading a movement of feminine wealth and soul connection, re-patterning the money wounds of your lineage and the scarcity story of society?

In rebellion to a world in the midst of a massive healing awakening, where all structures are falling away and normalcy is being replaced with a need to grow and adapt to new ways?

The answer in these quickening times is always:

Create your highest and most potent soul work. The work you have been called forth for.

This is your time to become very attuned to the greater dreaming of your soul work.

What are you being called forth for?

What is your unique contribution to an extraordinary future for our world?

What is the Earth and the land upon which you stand asking of you in these times?

How are you meant to be courageous and passionate so you can be a beacon for others in their awakening?

Your soul work is not a mental exercise in trying to work out your ideal customer and what you can pull together to offer them.

It’s about understanding the deeper passion that wants to be fulfilled through your soul work.

And also, being so attuned to how that soul work is downloaded from the stars but also RECEIVED from the Earth – so you can be in the most potent channel of your work.

There is a coherence that happens between your soul work and what your clients desire. When you’re super-aligned in your soul work, that alignment is a radiance-magnet for your clients.

When you’re in the flow of your true soul work, in the expanded energy field of your big why, your soul clients will be reaching out to you and selling themselves into your work.

This super-alignment will also mean you express with the high passion and reverence you have for being chosen to do this work.

By being gifted with your legacy.

And supplied by a verdant planet to make it real.

And rained upon by heavenly showers because this mission is written in the stars.

There is a bigger reason you are here on Earth, with your unique life experiences, your fragile humanity and your radiant soul.

And these are the times where you embrace this reason and you unlock your capacity to devote to it.

Personally, that means you are also being asked to grow your tolerance to accept an extraordinary life, being a leader of stellar soul work.

In this podcast, I speak to how to attune to the channel of your soul work – both from the soul home in the stars and also in connection to our Earth and the gifts rising up from the land in which you stand.

We’ll be sharing how you can tap into the coherence and richness of your soul calling and be filled with the passion to do your work as a beacon in this changing world.

How you passion can eclipse your resistance. Your hope elevate your fear. Your deep connection with the earth’s dreaming fuel you into your extraordinary future, in honour of the world.

I’ll also be sharing how I was gifted my next evolution of soul work by the land in which I stand and how this devotion is what makes my expression, impact, service and profit possible.

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