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Podcast episode:

The living planet is asking you to grow your Receivership


I’m inspired, moved, expanded in creativity by the Earth. Her beating heart shows me where I’m needed and what my work is for.

She also shows me how to live in her rhythm. To grow my bandwidth of expression and receivership, not by any ninja mind techniques or clearing blocks or wishing and planning……

…..but by being a vessel for her life force.

And a tool for her purpose.

If I’m noticing that I’m choosing a lower possibility. Or accepting a lower flow of abundance and resources. If I’m feeling stuck in my expression. Or overwhelmed and deflated in the responsibility of my life.

Then I’ve lost my symbiosis with the living planet. With the constant and blossoming flow of life that spirals up through all things.

The vast majority of energetics we do at the Academy is about returning to the rhythms of the natural world and the cosmos around us. 

It’s not hyped up goals to get more material wealth to have more status.

That will never feel truly enriching.

It’s about remembering who we truly are and weaving ourselves into the vast world around us.

So we can dance – in both joy and pain – with the desires of the planet and for the greater evolution of humanity.

There is a beautiful reflection of regeneration I’m loving lately:

That what grows the sustainability of the planet and supports the evolution of all living things also requires the growth potential of who you are.

Your potential, your dreams, your contribution are a part of this dynamic, inter-connection ecosystem. 

And if we desire to evolve into new ways of innovation, connection and creativity, then your body is required.

(Did you see our podcast last week about liberating your body to express your creativity? Or in other terms, the tender and real choice women make to put their body in the world as the vessel of their contribution and how to grow your physical bandwidth to meet your big vision). 

Your dreams are tied up in the whole.

Like Lilla Watson, Murri (Aboriginal) woman, artist, activist & academic says:

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”


As we rebel against the scarcity mentality, we learn that we are the new stewards of a feminised, soul economy.

We are here to re-wild the world into valuing the gifts that are priceless and regenerative. 

To channel wealth through our work and become impact investors for the planet + humanity.

And here’s one of the most crucial, earthly and embodied truths about this:

You must grow your receivership and creative capacity in order to do your work and re-generate wealth into the hands of women and people of colour (and any other body on the margins). 

You must take a brave stand for your vision and learn the pleasure of receiving for it.

But the beauty is – you don’t have to magic yourself into super-woman, high-achieving, hustling goddess to express and receive more.

You need only return to your natural state. 

And the natural state of the living planet.

The codes for living a truly enriched life are all around us.

Asking you to open your bandwidth for more wonder and possibilities.

Here’s another quote (this one by GK Chesterton):

The world will never starve for want of wonders; but only for want of wonder.

What if we were meant to receive, on behalf of the living planet?


In this week’s transmission, I speak of a powerful embodied energy practice I do to:

  • Step into a bigger vision
  • Unlock the channel of my creativity and expression
  • Upgrade my receivership
  • Grow my wealth as a feminised leader
  • Make an impact for this planet

It’s simple and yet holy powerful.

It gives you a non-negotiable command of self-responsibility to choose in each moment your highest creative potential. 

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