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The masculine light codes you need to embody your soul purpose & attract soul-mate clients in real time

The masculine light codes you need to embody your soul purpose + attract soul-mate clients in real-time.

AKA how to embrace your masculine to embody your highest desires way beyond your upper limits.

Every feminine leader needs to hear this!

Do you want to play in a much bigger way with your gifts? To fulfill a higher purpose you can feel wants to be created through you?

You’re not alone.

The leaders we attract into our programs all have a passion to share their soul work in a much bigger way.

Like, seriously, the visions we hear are epic and kind of world-shaking.

Not because they all are about getting on a big stage (but, sometimes, they are) but because these leaders know their soul gifts are needed for the massive awakening movement.

They’re here to bring it big. To be a part of history and enriching the next tier of possibility for humanity.

Naturally, they know they need to unleash their full radiance for a vision this big.

But, we all know what it’s like to be locked in a cycle of playing much smaller than your soul wants.

Sometimes it’s your unconscious limiting of what is possible and what is destined at the highest level of your soul.

And sometimes it’s straight up fear you’re fully aware of, but still can’t figure out how to let go.

For me, I was hitting up against a LOT of these upper limits/set point blocks in the early days of my soul work biz.

But I was doing all the feminine embodiment and deep dives and still nothing was changing.

So I started to explore what was really happening (as in full-on truth-telling, come on Melissa, let’s not keep playing this game of hiding when there are people to serve and a movement to make).

And you know what?

The answer came from somewhere totally unexpected.

My masculine.

Being an old over-achiever in a patriarchal world, I had done a LOT to embody my feminine and renounce my old masculine hustle and drive modes.

But what I didn’t realise is that at its highest, HEALTHY frequency, the masculine is essential to you reaching beyond what you think is possible to enact your desires + legacy in real-time.

And I’m not talking about the masculine in the way the world knows it.

I’m talking about the secret light arts of the masculine.

This was a game-changer for me.

This is what tipped me over into ecstatic creativity and high flow.

Into the instant embodiment of my soul’s natural radiance and my unapologetic free expression.

And being one of the original dark, feminine workers, all up in my embodiment, I didn’t realise how resistant and blocked I was to let the LIGHT in.

But the energetic soul grids you can build in your field are my secret super-power to fulfilling my highest legacy.

I rely on these channels and codes of my light every day to experience now-time manifesting of my big dreams.

And hint: your dreams only happen in the now. When you’re not allowing yourself to feel the light coursing through your cells and lifting you up, it keeps you separate from your soul’s big vision.

It’s an energetic upgrade for feminine leaders to embody so much more of their soul’s light and the masculine flows of it.

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