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Podcast episode:

The power of commitment


When you desire to make your big dreams real, when you want to see those dreams flourishing in your life – to see and touch and taste your longing and trust in the continual blossoming of your life………..

Then you must know commitment.

Not the kind of commitment that is about pushing and striving and working desperately to change your circumstance.

I’m speaking to the commitment of ongoing and daily devotion to your soul and leaping into where she is asking you to go.

It’s the commitment that allows you to take big risks and make stellar art because you know that your highest path is always about fulfilling the possibilities of who you are.

This is the commitment that creates extraordinary results – it grows your business, client list and bank account.

It’s the commitment that shows up to be seen and heard, to meet your edges of visibility because you’re commitment to sharing your soul’s light.

It’s the commitment that asks you to receive more and upgrade your pleasure potential – because you are willing to learn new abundance in your cells.

It’s the commitment that makes you determined to create your soul work – not for your own benefit, but for the impact, it will have on others and the whole of humanity.

In this podcast, Melissa speaks to the quantum power of commitment and how you can use this force as a powerful catalyst to make your dreams real.

All leaders who are here for legacy need to learn how to weave the force of commitment with yin and receptivity and absolute trust.

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