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Podcast episode:

The Veil Soul Centre and the erotic awakening of the void

The Veil Soul Centre is a powerful, mysterious portal we transition through in birth. It is the void we must all traverse, where we are called to surrender and open wide. If we can re-wild ourselves here, then we activate a pure download of the treasures of the universe to fuel our soul creations.

The Veil Soul Centre is located in the place of our deep pelvis, the cervix for women. There is phenomenal power in these dark moments of activation and we are all being called to open to the veil now.

In this podcast, we cover:

– The Veil Soul Centre – its light | dark | spirit | earth forces

– moving beyond your circumstances into the magical birth of something new

– resisting and not letting go, your invitation to be wild open

– the anatomy of the Veil for women with cervixes – the holy erotic power of this portal

– anguish and ecstasy in the cervix or the Veil

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