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Podcast episode:

Upgrade Your Receivership & Earning Capacity as a Leader

In this transmission, we hone in on why it’s so important to upgrade how much money, clients, goodness, opportunities you’re letting into your life.

It’s about working with the natural flows of your soul, rather than contracting in lower set points that will stall your legacy. It’s about asking your higher self:

“What is available for me to receive and what would you have me open to?”

This is not me telling you that you must go after some industry-standard – like 7 figures or perfect body shape.

But letting all pre-conceptions of your receivership go and be willing to ask what your soul wants you to receive.

I guarantee you it will blow your mind.

Who gives a fuck about a 6 or 7 figure business if you want it to prove your success … BUT if your soul is destined to get your work into thousands of hearts across the globe and you’re meant to receive that consistently + monthly for your legacy …

… then who are you to shut that divinity down?

What if becoming a millionairess is just a natural outcome of fulfilling your purpose?

What if you’re meant to accept that for yourself so you can shift us all onto a feminized wealth path?

What if you’re meant to occupy vast light fields, co-existing with your very tender humanity?

Who are you to shut that light down?

Your only job is to accept the natural capacity of your soul.

If you’re meant to be swamped by multi-dimensional love by soul mates and your fierce expression is going to be the catalyst for them to find you……..then why would you hold that back?

In this podcast, we cover:

– Embodying your highest level flow as an inevitable destiny

– Accepting your millionairess in devotion to multi-D soul wealth

– Not arguing with your soul around your true value

– Living as a wealthy woman and enriched Soul Leader

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