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Upgrading & letting in higher flows because your soul purpose demands It

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When you’re so turned on by your soul work, you can’t not share it.

I often have a vision of the woman I am when I’m expressing my highest level soul work.

She’s turned on. Juicy. In fits of passion as her soul work big bangs her fully alive in her legacy.

That’s when I know my selling is magnetic.

Because I have accepted more for myself.

I’m expecting and available of all the riches to flow in.

And I won’t dull down my receivership for anyone.

Not when I know its the greatest gift I can give my clients.

When we take a stand for all women receiving because of who they are.

And the funny thing?

You don’t have to magic up this inflow.

You don’t have to polish and perfect. You don’t need to be high vibing all the time.

Because receivership is a creative force of this universe.

Receivership is being willing to open yourself up to the magnificence of life and let those light photons swamp into your cells.

We may have learned pain and protection from the human experience.

But when we chose to stop feel pain, we chose to keep the magic out.

We became dried up and empty.

And that’s why it feels hard sometimes to let it all in.

Because you’re not used to it yet.

You haven’t expanded your tolerance for extraordinary riches to flood in.

Those riches are already here.

At the tips of your fingers.

Packed into the air around you.

They’re in the vision that taps on you.

The gifts your soul gave you.

The hope for a wonder-filled future for us all.

Receivership is about returning to your natural attunement.

It’s about letting in your soul.

When you do, that’s when your creativity fires up.

And you become impassioned to give back to the world.

Like you can’t not show up for the dreaming of humanity.

Your soul work spills forth.

And you shift past the unease of receiving.

You witness the ways you want to hold on and dull yourself down.

When you use tiredness not to leap.

Or fear not to speak.

And you learn to say yes in those moments to more.

Because you were born for it.

You’re made for it.

You are the original star stuff.

And you always have enough.

So woman, learn your natural resourcefulness.

You have everything you need to follow your dreams.

Because its all inside and around you.

Don’t let your history tell you differently.

Don’t choose less, because you haven’t learnt to embody more.

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