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Podcast episode:

Upsizing your receivership channels with Marie-Ann Taylor

I have been exploring receivership with my clients recently.

A leader who devastatingly lost everything in the floods last week and was struggling to open up to receiving help. An entrepreneur on the verge of winning her first big contract for what will likely be a multi-million dollar product. 

A feminine embodiment guide launching her circle training to receive 9 enrolments in one day, after a tender period of not having any. 

I love how collective themes show up at Soul Leader with our leaders.

We don’t work with receiving just to get more money, because that will never be enough juice for your soul. 

We embody and energise receivership from the lens of legacy. 

Being resourced and overflowing to light up the world. 

What if opening up your receivership channels is selfless? If you’ve got work to do on the planet, then instead of feeling undeserving of wealth, maybe its vital you distribute resources and riches on behalf of those you want to enrich. 

We need you in the hearts of more people. I’m not talking chasing fame, I’m speaking of freeing up your creative joie de vivre to be delivered to your soul crew (clients). Getting out of your own way to get your work out in bigger ways.

For that, you need to be resourceful. Imagine that more and more women took up stewardship of embodied wealth, growing livelihoods by giving back for purpose, people and the planet. 

Channelling more wealth through your world so you can distribute more light. 

See, its not really about getting rich and buying material things. It’s about expanding the currencies of energy in your world to make more impact. 

We – the world – need you to upsize your receivership bandwidth. We need you to draw from a bigger source to fulfil your legacy. 

If you can’t claim that for yourself, maybe you’ll claim more for others? 

Even if it feels uncomfortable. Especially if it feels uncomfortable (that’s a sure sign you’re in the soul stretch). 

One client I spoke to this week let her body become a vessel for the free flow of universal possibilities. That was wild. It felt like maximum surrender and maximum commitment to let her life be guided by a higher and richer source. 


That’s why in this week’s Energy & Soul Session podcast, we’re exploring receivership on behalf of your soul work with intuitive soul coach, Marie Ann Taylor. 

In this Energy & Soul Session, Melissa Sandon guides Marie-ann into a sustainable expansion of her receivership channels. In doing so, they uncover the true purpose of Marie-ann’s stewardship of wealth and you’ll experience the liberation of creative passion when you find your why.

As you listen to the podcast, you’ll experience the energetic shift of moving into your soul state and channelling a higher flow of your creativity. From that place, you can claim your stewardship of wealth on behalf of humanity.

And when you’ve finished listening to the episode, make sure you come into the Energy Rich Soul Leader Facebook Group to share your experience and what activate for you! 


I’m following an intuitive hit to do something very different this season with our podcast. 

I wanted to stretch myself in more vulnerability, but I also wanted to encapsulate so much of the magic and transformation that happens in our client communities at Soul Leader.

I wanted you to have an opportunity to receive a juiced-up infusion of energy & soul arts. 

In the hope that it is exactly the inspiration + fuel + clarity you’ve been waiting for to create the spark for extraordinary change in your life. 

So, we’ve decided to make this season all about live activations of energy, so you can receive a real-time transformation of your own field, through witnessing another leader being guided through an energy & soul experience. 

I’m going to be inviting members of our community onto the podcast LIVE to receive a 1:1 energy & soul activation with me. 

Not only is it real and vulnerable and electric for these women to be baring their souls for all of us, but the way energy works in a co-joined field, it will also impact us all. 

When you arrive with your presence, you are co-experiencing the magic. 

For these activations, we’re specifically selecting leaders for live sessions who are experiencing the common themes for all of us: like witchy wounds, expression, money, relationships, sexual aliveness, leadership & attracting clients. 

When you listen to the podcast, you’ll experience the energy in your own field and I guarantee, it will change your life. 

The way to maximise your opportunity for activation is to join us each week when we release the podcast, participate with your full energy and then head over to our re-opened Energy Rich Soul Leader Facebook group where we will have a post up for discussion. 

When you’re over in the Facebook group, I’ll be popping in there once a week to answer specific questions you have and be giving you intuitive guidance too. 

I’m so turned on for this season of the Soul Leader Podcast: Live Energy & Soul Activations!!

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