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Podcast episode:

Women leaders will save the world

Women will save the world

I’m deeply passionate about the feminised healing of the planet.

I truly believe women can save the world. (And interestingly, the social data BACKS THIS UP).

That’s why I’ve recorded you a little sneak peek of our first call in Sacred Selling.

It’s an invocation for you to remember the power of you as WOMAN.

And the destiny of woman to create a new earth.

(especially women of colour, indigenous people and marginalised folk)

We recorded this video as a special call to action for our students who have enrolled in Sacred Selling.

To unlock their voice.

Take their place.

And transmit their gifts to the world.

Women are being called to occupy way more of the natural birthright of wealth so they can become investors of a truly regenerative and enriched world.

Which means…….

Sharing your work. Calling in your clients. And EARNING, baby.

And then I felt into the opportunity to share this nectar with our community. So I’ve taken this recording that’s we’ve just uploaded into our paid members area of Sacred Selling and I’m sharing it with you now.

You are so welcome to head over to this video to receive a taster of the magic we’ll be invoking in Sacred Selling.


Learn why Sacred Selling is one of the most potent ways to create a movement & make an impact:


* how research says women in leadership positions create better outcomes for the planet (& lowers carbon emissions!)

* women historically have taken a backseat in leadership roles & our societal programming makes us feel vulnerable to step up

*  your choice to arrive, let your voice be heard and taking your place with your work  is needed & vital for our future

*  embodying your  natural flows as a woman is  a strength, not a weakness

* your work is a force of nature, unstoppable & alive. You don’t need to perform or prove your worth.


Here are some of the resources & research mentioned in the podcast:

* Female Founders report for women in Australia start-ups: https://techboard.com.au/female-founder-funding-report-fy2018-fy2021/

* Gender & Climate Change research: Do female parliamentarians make difference: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0176268017304500

Sacred Selling: our energetic leadership program to feel alive & inspired in your soul work channel and step up with your expression

May you use it to stoke your inner fire and feel the call to rise and take your place as a leader.

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