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Weaving motherhood & leadership.


Melissa Sandon, founder of Soul Leader explores your personal soul awakening and sacred purpose here on Earth. We’ll chat about the ways of experiencing ourselves and creating our potential through the multi-dimensional rhythms of our body, earth, soul, cosmos and world.  We’ll explore the richness of your desire and bigness of your vision and how to inhabit your soul work channel in an act of thriving possibility. Learn about energetics, soul work, restoration, earth connection, soul business & the feminine economy.

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Weaving motherhood and leadership with Anya Vandenbrink

In this Energy & Soul Session, Melissa Sandon guides Marie-ann into a sustainable expansion of her receivership channels. In doing so, they uncover the true purpose of Marie-ann’s stewardship of wealth and you’ll experience the liberation of creative passion when you find your why.

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Upsizing your receivership channels with Marie-Ann Taylor

In this Energy & Soul Session, Melissa Sandon guides Marie-ann into a sustainable expansion of her receivership channels. In doing so, they uncover the true purpose of Marie-ann’s stewardship of wealth and you’ll experience the liberation of creative passion when you find your why.

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Believing your dreams are possible with Janice Ong

In this podcast, I talk with a phenomenal woman, a coach, leader and change-maker: Janice Ong. Janice is in the place where her dream is so alive but yet sometimes the dream feels impossible!

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Impacting the world with your energy

I’m deeply passionate about the feminised healing of the planet. I truly believe women can save the world. (And interestingly, the social data BACKS THIS UP). That’s why I’ve recorded you a little sneak peek of our first call in Sacred Selling.

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Nikki Blackwell

Transforming the Witch Wound with Nikki Blackwell

Nikki is a powerhouse woman who lives and works in a rural community in Australia. Through her business, Nassaince, she provides a sanctuary for women in her community to heal, embody and connect to their spirituality. When she began this work there wasn’t much happening in the feminine arts but now she has ignited over 30 healers to start living their potential.

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Women will save the world

Women leaders will save the world

Women are being called to occupy way more of the natural birthright of wealth so they can become investors of a truly regenerative and enriched world. Which means … Sharing your work. Calling in your clients. And EARNING, baby!

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Masculine structure

The power of your inner masculine

There’s a time for every woman that she just has to claim it. Commanding what you want, what you desire and what you deserve is a powerful, alchemical act of creation.

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Unlocking your unique energy flow

Mapping your unique energy flow & soul state

Each of us has a unique energy flow that unlocks incredible richness in our energy field. In this podcast we’ll explore how your soul state shifts you into your multi-dimensional richness.

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Dark sand

Innovate your dreams & resource your body – how to expand from your Deep Earth

In this podcast, we explore how to build your energetic and body resources, so you can be connected to your deep earth, while also hearing the call of new dreams and being brave enough to leap.

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Living at next level

Living as your next-level desire

How do you collapse time and start acting as if your dreams are already real and alive? Embodying your highest level allows you to take the leaps your soul is asking of you.

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The living planet is asking you to grow your Receivership

The vast majority of energetics we do at the Academy is about returning to the rhythms of the natural world and the cosmos around us. It’s not hyped up goals to get more material wealth to have more status. In this week’s transmission, I speak of a powerful embodied energy practice I do to step into a bigger vision.

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Woman expressing in a workshop

Intimacy: The Desire of your Body to be In the World

You choose to meet your history & re-writing futures and learning to tell your story in the rawness of your own skin. In this podcast I talk about taking risks and building resilience.

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Star glowing heart

Building resilience in your upgrade

How do we make this elevated embodied frequency our new normal?

By growing our tolerance and resilience for it. By learning to sustain our embodiment of it. By aligning into the channel of it and staying there.

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Painting of women

Dialling in your soul team

In today’s podcast I’ll be sharing how you can dial in the higher forces in your field to amplify and embody your energy as a leader and how to invest your energy as the highest priority for your work and leadership.

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Kinesiology in practice

How to create super soul flow with your clients

Today I’m sharing my personal process for being juiced up and excited to share and sell my soul work as a leader and how to unlock this super-soul flow for your clients too.

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Praise ne

Be bold & unapologetic with sharing your soul work

Doing what your soul asks of you is being willing to take up a mission much greater than your own comfort or success. Devote to your high soul dreams, create your soul work and be the leader you were born to be.

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The masculine light codes you need to embody your soul purpose & attract soul-mate clients in real time

Do you want to play in a much bigger way with your gifts? To fulfill a higher purpose you can feel wants to be created through you? You’re not alone. The leaders we attract into our programs all have a passion to share their soul work in a much bigger way.

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Feminine awakening & embodiment to create magnetism & flow for your soul leadership

This training will show you how you can stay in the channel of your highest soul destiny and rocking your leadership while being an embodied, feminine human.

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