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Weaving motherhood & leadership.


Melissa Sandon, founder of Soul Leader explores your personal soul awakening and sacred purpose here on Earth. We’ll chat about the ways of experiencing ourselves and creating our potential through the multi-dimensional rhythms of our body, earth, soul, cosmos and world.  We’ll explore the richness of your desire and bigness of your vision and how to inhabit your soul work channel in an act of thriving possibility. Learn about energetics, soul work, restoration, earth connection, soul business & the feminine economy.

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Upgrading & letting in higher flows because your soul purpose demands It

I often have a vision of the woman I am when I’m expressing my highest level soul work.

She’s turned on. Juicy. In fits of passion as her soul work big bangs her fully alive in her legacy. That’s when I know my selling is magnetic.

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Making an impact with your soul gifts during rebirth, awakening and big emotions

In this Earthed Soul podcast, we speak about how we dance between two core roles as we create our legacy impact in the world: the open-hearted embodied woman and the leader who radiates. You need both.

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Hand magic

Money, your business, and your earning potential. Tapping into your multi-D soul wealth legacy

In the Earthed Soul podcast, I’ll be sharing how to upgrade your money flow and connect your wealth containers into your unique soul blueprint. If you desire to create your multi-D soul wealth – for yourself, your family and as a role model for other feminised leaders, then please come along to this week’s soul transmission.

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The Channel of Your Soul Work and Earth Guidance

In this podcast, I speak to how to attune to the channel of your soul work – both from the soul home in the stars and also in connection to our Earth and the gifts rising up from the land in which you stand.

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The power of commitment

All leaders who are here for legacy need to learn how to weave the force of commitment with yin and receptivity and absolute trust. In this podcast, I talk about the quantum power of commitment and how you can use this force as a powerful catalyst to make your dreams real.

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Melissa Sandon

Quantum Leadership: Collapse time, stay aligned & be the Living Dream

Your leadership is about embodying the LIVING DREAM, instead of being the desperado. It’s about leading from the quantum, where your soul council are your business advisors and your true wealth is energetic.

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Expression + Selling as Pleasure: Re-writing our Visibility Wounds

Expressing your soul is also the most profitable asset of your business. Your soul work is meant to turn you on, make you feel good, and earn money at the same time.

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Upgrade Your Receivership & Earning Capacity as a Leader

In this transmission, we hone in on why it’s so important to upgrade how much money, clients, goodness, opportunities you’re letting into your life. It’s about working with the natural flows of your soul, rather than contracting in lower set points that will stall your legacy.

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Abundance in the time of crisis

This podcast is a little different to my usual! I make an ode to the precious moments of abundance, she is lulled into her own prayer for these moments, for hope and finding richness in ways you never expected.

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The Veil Soul Centre and the erotic awakening of the void

In this podcast, we cover: the Veil Soul Centre – its light | dark | spirit | earth forces; moving beyond your circumstances into the magical birth of something new; and resisting and not letting go, your invitation to be wild open.

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Earth Rise

Humanity’s healing crisis – Earth Soul Council & Coronavirus

2020 has so far proven to be a tumultuous time for the planet and humanity.

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Expression MAGIC – untapping your maximum contribution value

In this podcast, I talk about: diluting your magic through comparison and competition; creating from the devotion of giving your maximum contribution value; and being in the joy of unleashing yourself and serving your soul clients.

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