Enrolments now open for the Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification

“My soul was saying to me she had so much more to offer the world, and it’s time to fully claim who I am. The energy & soul mastery certification is the most powerfully activating and impactful program that I have ever been involved in.”

“When I first found out about this certification, I knew straight away I had to be a part of it and I’ve loved every single moment since! I joined as a shy and timid person and found it extremely difficult to express myself and stand in my power. Since embarking on this journey with Melissa I have been stretched out of my comfort zone many times and as a result the growth and positive shifts that I have witnessed within myself have been deeply healing and profound on so many levels. It really has been life changing for me and hand on heart, one of the best decisions I have made to date!”

Amy Huynh | Soul Guide | Energy & Soul Practitioner