The Earth needs your soul work.
Weave the energetics of the living field to unlock your intuitive gifts & channel your soul work to richly serve the collective. 
The Earth needs your soul work.
Weave the energetics of the living field to unlock your intuitive gifts & channel your soul work to richly serve the collective.
What you'll learn
Join Melissa for these 3 potent energetic experiences + video trainings so you can tap into your legacy channel & experience powerful energetics to instantly & sustainably resource you into your next-level of flow, purpose & wild potential. 
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with Melissa Sandon & Soul Leader
Learn how to read & map the living field of energy & guide others into sacred purpose & deep flow
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Experience the wild, deep magic of weaving soul energy through the body in unbound & deep ways, working with your client's natural rhythms & personal legacy keystone so they can come alive in who they are & enrich the world in their full creative light.

Learn the one energetic principle that will transform the way you work with others & help you unlock the unbound power of soul for rich & sustainable change.

Learn how to read & translate the hidden messages, soul truth, emotional gateways & humming power that constantly flows through all of us - from the vast & energetic realms of our cosmos, into the deep somatic currents of our body, through the land in synergy with the natural world & spilling forth to impact the collective field of humanity.
"I created & launched my soul business within the first 3 months of the Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification & signed up my first two mentor clients"
Radically transform your biggest resistance pattern into your most liberated & alive soul calling.
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Enliven your body with your soul's legacy & awaken the unstoppable and rich flow of your potential in (& for) the world. Activate the codes of soul leadership so you can take your place on the Earth, use your voice to enrich others & create a thriving movement of change with your gifts.

Learn how to tap into the Earth's destiny and work in union with the abundant, upswell of earthly resources.

In this video, you'll learn how to unlock a higher & deeper flow of your gifts so you can impact the collective field being wildly who you are. You'll also unlock the resources + wealth flow so you can create a thriving wealth vision for you soul work.
Weave Embodied Energetics as an exceptional mentor & create a thriving movement with soul work, in co-creation with the Earth.
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Coaches, healers, leaders & professionals who weave embodied energetics stand out in their work, but will also shape humanity’s emotional & energetic intelligence in generations to come.

Learn how Embodied Energetics weaves the living field of intelligence through the body, nervous system & energy field to invoke our client’s potential and resource them with unbound creative energy in honouring and restorative ways.

The legacy field is ALIVE and calling leaders of soul to take their place, use their voice & create their soul work.
Join us: 
✔️ Learn leading-edge embodied energetics to map other people's fields
✔️ Connect to your unique & personal legacy channel
✔️ Unlock your deep & rich flow of resources & map your wealth vision
✔️ Be guided into voice, vision & embodied wealth
✔️ Experience extraordinary energetic activations
✔️ Get expert energetic guidance on your energy field, nervous system & creative endeavours
✔️ Chat 1:1 about your soul work & study options
 The energetics of leadership 
 Impact the field with your embodied energy, enrich your community as an Embodied Energetics mentor & create a thriving legacy with your soul work. 

We are living in an extraordinary era.  More and more individuals are feeling a call to unlock the intuitive gifts within them to spark the potential of others.

As we grow a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us, we start to plug into a greater field of intelligence that holds the dreaming and the creative fuel that brings our whole universe to life. 

A living field of intelligence that sparks the creative light of who you are and that shapes the unfolding of our co-created story on the Earth.

This is why the yearning for you to find more meaning and bring more of your gifts to the world is becoming undeniable. Your soul is shaking you awake and the Earth is pulling you into her destiny too.

We need more and more humans to pioneer the unique and leading-edge of their own body of soul work and do the deep work of meeting themselves, in their body, on the Earth and in intimacy with the world. This means meeting the old, engrained pain that dominated who you think you are and downsized your capacity to experience the magic of life. It means breaking the chains of your history and calling upon the sacred fire of your ancestors to re-imagine who you choose to be and the legacy you carry forth.

Because our dreams are a part of a much greater dreaming of humanity. You, being who you are, fits into the story like a sacred node. Your body is a vessel for the new, lived wisdom that humanity must carry forth to create a new future.

We are in the times of spontaneous and radical change.

Old, deep and desperate challenges are instantaneously reorganised into new possibility. With enough energy, and enough people investing in wild futures, whole new paradigms are being birthed in a moment. 

Your lived, embodied and alive expression of who you are and the creative work of your soul sparks this spontaneous change. Your creative light plugs into the Earth and supplies her tipping point into new verdant expressions. 

Your voice is a song that catalyses others into their becoming. 

This is why we need leaders and pioneers who know how to speak and weave the language of soul. Because it will be through a new embodied energetic literacy that humans will be able to feel the calling of their own soul potential and come into symbiosis and regeneration with the world around them.

What will it be like when more and more humans can co-create with this living field of intelligence and can feel a primal soul rhythm in the deep spaces of their body?

Humanity will come alive.

This is leadership of your soul we are calling you into. 

This is the necessary and vital work of being who you are and developing your creative channel in a way that enables you to receive the flow and knowledge of your soul work.

There is so much energy pouring through the Earth field, inviting us to learn new rhythms of adaptability, resourcefulness, possibility, hope, resilience and courage.

Soul work isn’t meant to be a drain. It’s meant to set you free. 

Come join us to learn your personal soul destiny to make your impact on the whole. 

“Learning these techniques and embodiment practices has helped me connect with my soul and her desires, and I’ve started earthing my souls work. Melissa is an incredible teacher and space holder. Being in Soul Leader has been a transformational experience. I am so grateful I took the leap."
“My business has tripled and I’ve called in opportunities I thought were impossible. But more importantly, I’ve deeply anchored into my connection with my soul & mama earth which is the catalyst for it all. Soul Leader’s training is next-level and really helped me to uplevel my life + biz!” 
Amy Lea | Human Design Guide | Soul Astrologer
Learn the art of embodied energetics to weave your intuitive gifts & create impactful soul work that enriches the world. 
Thinking of studying with Soul Leader?

Experience the leading-edge embodied energetics, soul work innovation & deep, feminised leadership you'll learn in the Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification. 
 Be held in a deep, multi-disciplinary program of embodied energetics, feminised leadership & soul work.  
 This embodied approach will refine your mastery as an influential Embodied Energetics Mentor, whilst guiding you to shape your leadership as a unique body of soul work, mission-led business or new modality.

The Embodied Energetics Mentor Certification is a professional qualification that infuses three innovative modalities: energetic sciencesoul arts & embodied alchemy as part of our soul work modality called Embodied Energetics

We take an earth-centred, community-led and future-dreaming approach to cultivating the legacy of your unique purpose and developing your expertise as a transformational facilitator to weave possibilities and deep restoration through the realms of body, earth, world, cosmos and soul.  

Our wildest passion is to equip our leaders with the embodied resonance that lights up every room they walk into and brings extraordinary dreams alive.

At Soul Leader, our legacy is to be in intimate and wild collaboration with the intuitive, bold, deep and brave pioneers and change-agents who desire to embody and share the language of soul to fuel humanity into its next dreaming.